Training Courses

**Course placement is based on consultation and package plan**

Course Duration: (2) 60min sessions 

Training Schedule:  2 Saturdays out of every month.



This jazz funk, street jazz, majorette combination class teaches syncopation in movement while being high energy, upbeat and fun. This course is geared toward all dancers who want to focus on stamina and charisma. 

Choreography 101

Students learn the elements of street style hip-hop posture, arms, feet work, rhythm, music interpretation, timing, precision, undulations, articulations, turns, fluid motion and natural styling to enhance execution of choreography.  This class is for dancers who want to push themselves further in their dance training

Performance Essentials

 This performing course focuses on improving facials, body language, wardrobe and proper audition etiquette while focusing on professionalism and  teaching dancers how to conduct themselves when on tour, in class or at any gig. 

** Required for all DDA members**

(30 min session) 



It is important that the physical, mental, and emotional goals of each member is identified in order to ensure proper growth. Every month the member & director will make a time sensitive plan to achieve short- and long-term goals, as well as track monthly progress.

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