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DREAM Development Agency

Program Description

D.R.E.A.M  Agency, LLC. is a program founded by professional consultant and coach, Keiondra “Kei” Jackson. The program is meticulously designed to transition the potential in dancers, performers and entrepreneurs to professional by providing intimate, goal specific training. Members will be become more confident and acquire the necessary skills to attain their end goal. This program is considered for all types of performers and entrepreneurs starting out ranging from ages 18 to 30; offering various courses to train in that include, but are not limited to, fundamental technique, performance essentials, all dance styles, business essentials, marketing 101, spiritual and mental courses and MORE. Our goal is to motivate, inspire, and evolve our talent mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Alongside the skill training, we are building individuals that will go forth to conquer their greatest dreams. The proper foundation and mental structure that our program nurtures and instills to match the developed ability is vital to longevity in success and therefore synonymous with the mission of D.R.E.A.M Development Agency . 

Mission Statement

The purpose of DDA is to grow and develop talent by enhancing skill set, professionalism, self- motivation and confidence.

Why DDA ?

The benefits of joining DREAM Dance Agency include but are not limited to:

  • 1 on 1 Consultations

  • Resume Critique

  • Confidence Booster

  • Gain Industry Insight

  • Spiritual Encouragement

  • Mental Renewing

  • Training & Personal Feedback

  • Endless Business Opportunities





DDA has been a major past of my growth as a dancer. I moved to Atlanta this year with the goal of pursuing my dance career, but knowing that after not dancing for years I would be starting over. I was blessed to have come in contact with ppl that believed in me and to have DDA as a major part of my “push”. Being able to train in all areas of dance under Kei and have personal critiques was very helpful and got me to the place where I am now. I want to be a performer and DDA has pushed me to be that in only a few months. I encourage anyone that has a dance dream, to join DDA. It is a great investment in your future 💗




I joined DDA because I would always watch Kei on IG & she exuded confidence in her moves as well as a genuine love for dance & everybody she teaches . So when I saw that she created DDA I JUMPED at the opportunity to work with her on a 1 on 1 basis...away from the hype & away from the egos I know I’ve experienced in ATL. Fast forward to me being in DDA and training with Kei.I personally feel like Kei really watches & listens to us .Such a breath of fresh air to have someone who not only says she wants to see you grow but actually puts in the effort bring the growth out of you . I have TERRIBLE anxiety and DDA has helped me become more calm, and comfortable aiding me in becoming a more confident dancer. So I say all that to say DDA is a place where you WILL grow in whatever way it is that you’re wanting to grow in as a dancer




Since I joined DDA ,I've seen myself grow and try things I wouldn't have tried on my own without feeling "I dont have it like the other people in the class, so maybe I shouldn't go" . I trained in hip hop , and lord knows I probably wouldn't have touched that. I went to my first heels class which is much harder than it looks. Afterwards I felt like "Whew!" but great at the same time. The great thing about training with DDA for me is that you will be critiqued, and during weekly sessions, Kei will make sure to tell you what she's looking for in you as a dancer to come out. Dancing is what gets me through the chaos in life and knowing that she has created a business to help other dancers train , get critiqued by other dancers/choreographers, get paid gigs, etc.. is just amazing to me and an answered prayer.

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