Although I'm not a fan of sharing my business with the public. I've learned that my anointing is not activated until I tell about the miracles and promises of my Lord and Savior. Here's MY Testimony.

After suffering from a miscarriage in July 2017, I was given what seemed like a death sentence. I spent about 3 months off and on in the hospital bed more than my own. I could barely walk, I could not breath, my entire body had swollen up, gaining a total of 50lbs of fluid, I could not eat, I couldn't fit my clothes or shoes and most importantly I couldn't dance. The Doctors had finally diagnosed me with Systemic Lupus, Lupus Nephritis, Fluid around my heart, a leaky heart valve, inflamed lungs, anemia, and severe hypertension all in the same day, August 13th, 2017. Only 23years old.  Because of this, I became severely depressed. I wanted to end my life and I had hit ROCK BOTTOM. Although I had an extreme support system, I felt as though no one understood what I was going through and I felt so alone. During my last hospital admittance of 2017, I received a revelation. I realized that my troubles were not a punishment, but a very UNIQUE mission from Yahweh himself. I realized that this was more than just me, that I wasn't going through this for myself. So I changed my mindset. 3 days later,  my health improved. I lost 46lbs before I left the hospital, the fluid from my lungs were gone and I WAS ABLE to dance again. But my story didn't stop there. Over the next few months, my health made a drastic increase. All of my doctors called me a miracle, because they didn't expect me to recover. BUT BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS ALWAYS BUSY,  The summer of 2018, my health took another turn. I was in stage 5 (the last stage) of my Lupus Nephritis, right before needing dialysis and a kidney transplant. However, I refused to let Lupus define me because God already had told me otherwise. After closely consulting with God, having faith and remembering his promises. He reminded me that I was already healed. My parents and I did everything we could, got every medicine we could find and prayed day in and day out in order for me to recover. After discovering and starting a very holistic approach to my restoration in July 2018, I had checkups in Sept.2018 ( JUST 3 MONTHS LATER) ( yall see why my favorite number is 3 !? lol) and guess what ? All of the fluid from my heart is gone, my leaky heart valve is now mild, my lupus is in stage 2 and I feel better than ever on my way to year 25!!  Literally, God is my best friend. I'd like to think that I'm one of his favorite. :) & I honestly, couldn't have made it without him, my support system and teaching DANCE. 

I said all this to say, PUSH and BELIEVE. Pray until something happens, and then pray some more. You may hit rock bottom, it may seem like there is no light on the other side. But take it from me, your life is worth the fight. Your pain, is worth the joy and honestly, what doesn't kill you TRULY makes you stronger. Remember: "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is NO ONE ALIVE, who is YOUER than YOU" -Dr. Suess . We need you . We love you <3 

 2018 | Dreams of Kei